One of Redeemer Christian Church’s core values is Christian community. We believe that the gospel of
Jesus Christ is something that we are to live out together.

At Redeemer Christian Church, one of our highest values is COMMUNITY. We believe Jesus saves us not simply as individuals, but as a people (1 Peter 2:9-10). Because Jesus calls us to live together as a Community, we organize Redeemer to help us live in smaller family-like Community environments called Community Groups, as well as valuing Community on Sundays.

Our Community Groups work to build family-like relationships and to study the Bible together. At times, Community Groups may also work on projects or missional endeavors together to serve our city. Even if you are just exploring Christianity, you are welcome to join a Redeemer Community Group.

How do you choose a Community Group? We recommend asking three questions to help you decide:

  1. Who do I know that is already in a Community Group?
  2. Which Community Group is closest to me?
  3. Which Community Group has a schedule I or my family can faithfully attend?

You can also email Redeemer Staff to help get you connected!

Click here to download a list of our Community Groups.