Redeemer College Mission is a Christ-centered, Community-based, Mission-minded approach to college ministry.

Redeemer College Mission seeks to reach, teach, and build up the students and young adults of West Texas A&M, Amarillo College, and the surrounding area to better love and serve the Lord. We communicate all of this through the lens of our three core values: Christ, Community, and Mission.

  • Christ: We are above all Christ centered. This means that everything we do will be in submission of, direction through, and centered around the works of the second Person of the Trinity, as revealed by the inspired word of God. We worship the Lord together, and we spur one another on towards righteousness and good deeds.

  • Community: We do what we do together in the communion of the saints, the gathering of believers with the intention of worshipping and serving the Lord. We encourage one another, pray for one another, disciple one another, and encourage one another on as we seek to grow up into the head of our body which is Jesus Christ.

  • Mission: We live as people sent to bear the good news of the gospel to our campuses, our hometown communities, and wherever the Lord sends us. We live where we are deliberately, redemptively, and with the purpose of bearing the glory and goodness of Jesus Christ to the world around us.

Redeemer College Mission is in alignment with the values and vision of Redeemer Christian Church, and thus we seek to offer the hope of glory and freedom of redemption in the gospel in such a way that busy and burdened people around us can receive them. We do this by offering a minimal but substantial schedule in which to grow and practice our faith and righteousness together alongside the rest of the church. The activities we take part in include but are not limited too:

  • Weekly College Community Groups 

  • Monthly College Gatherings on the Third Tuesday of each month in the upper sanctuary, 7pm.

  • Annual College Retreat to El Porvenir, NM on the last weekend of October.

  • A plethora of small community activities and service opportunities both in the church and in the community as a whole.

If you are interested in finding out more details about Redeemer College Mission’s activities or beliefs, feel free to reach out to Mack Buchanan, or Jacob Cates.