If you are new to the Amarillo area or are not connected to a church family, we would love to invite you to one of our weekend worship gatherings at 9:15 & 11 am on Sundays. Listed here are some basic features of our worship gathering that you can expect to see at Redeemer Christian Church.

Preaching will be Gospel-centered. It will work systematically through books of the Bible. It will attempt to apply the truths of the scripture to our hearts and minds, increasing our joy and helping us to live out the Gospel on a daily basis. The sermons will be available via podcast (search the iTunes music store) or on the website. Sermon manuscripts will also be available upon request.  For a helpful article on how to prepare for Sunday, you can read "How to Listen to a Sermon" by Dr. Philip Ryken.

The songs we sing will be Biblically sound and relevant to the sermon. We will sing a mixture of modern and ancient hymns as well as songs written by some of our members. We realize any musical style will accommodate the tastes of some while it will be a struggle for others. Our desire is that all worshipers will let the gospel centered content drive our affections even if some prefer a different instrument, volume level, or arrangement. Beyond the music, we really believe God is present in a special way when we gather to worship, so we will be passionate and joyful about engaging the Spirit of God in our gathering.

We will regularly observe the ordinances of baptism and communion.  We believe that these are extremely valuable, as God has given them to the church as a physical reminder of the Gospel and a means of sanctifying grace. The Lord’s Supper serves as a great gospel response to any sermon that centers God’s people on Christ’s finished work. Likewise, baptism represents our identification and participation in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Our philosophy on how to include children in our community may be different from that of many other churches. We want to include children of all ages in community life as much as possible.  We provide children's worship at 9:15 and 11 am.  Children may be checked in by their parents a little before service begins.  We want to help young Christians value living in community with other believers and enjoy worshiping corporately with them.  All children’s classes will be Gospel-centered and age appropriate.

Not at all. Redeemer's Sunday services are all about the gospel, and it applies equally to Christians and non-Christians. We like to think that it is a great environment to hear Christians speak to one another about the value of Jesus and what this means for our lives.