Church in Hard Places

Acts 29 West Texas Regional:  Church in Hard Places Workshop

Many poor communities lack gospel preaching churches and many churches in poor communities lack access to affordable and relatable training. This workshop is for church leaders who desire to be further trained in Gospel-centered ministry to the poor among our communities.  Register below to join us.  If for any reason you are unable to pay for this training, we still want you to come.  Just use the discount code TrainFree and there will be no cost to you.  To learn more about the Church in Hard Places Acts 29 collaborative, click here.


Doug Logan, Jr.

Doug Logan is the Director of Diversity and Co-Director of Church in Hard Places with Acts 29. He formerly served as Senior Pastor of Epiphany Camden, a church founded under his leadership in 2012. Currently, Doug is completing his Doctorate in Strategic Leadership at Lancaster Bible College and Capital Seminary in Lancaster, PA, where he holds an M.A.M. in Church Planting and sits on the Board of Trustees. He also serves as a founding board member of an Urban Church Planting Network called Thriving. In 2016, he authored his first book, On the Block: Developing a Biblical Picture for Missional Engagement. Doug and his wife, Angel, have been married since 1996 and have three adult sons and three grandchildren.

Pastor Ernest Grant, II

Ernest Grant, II is the lead pastor at Epiphany Fellowship Church of Camden, a graduate of Reformed Seminary (D.C.) and is completing his Doctorate of Education from Stockton University. Ernest and his wife, Sarah, have been married for almost a decade and have two children, Amaela and Chancellor. He is an avid reader, a community advocate, and has written for Christianity Today, The Star-Ledger, Desiring God, and other publications.

Pastor Bryant Lee

Bryant Lee is the founding and senior pastor of Higher Expectations Church in Humble, Texas. He is a well decorated soldier having served well both in combat and in times of peace prior to his retirement from the U.S. Army after 23 years of service. Bryant holds a Bachelor of Bible Studies from Survine Ministries Bible College, Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies from Grantham University and a Master's of Theology from Liberty University. In addition to serving as senior pastor of Higher Expectations Church, Bryant is the president of The Collaborative Fellowship, he also serves on the leadership board of the Union Baptist Association currently as the past Moderator and is very active in Texas Baptist Life. Bryant now resides in Humble, TX with his wife Dell (Joseph) Lee of 27 years; they have two sons, Bryant Jr. & Joshua who is currently serving in the military. They also have two daughters, Brionna and Kalyn & are proud grandparents to Jasyn and Josh Jr.


September 10
7 pm              Evening Reception
                       Food & Fellowship

September 11
8 am              Registration & Refreshments
9 am              Session 1:  Preaching in Hard Places, Pastor Ernest Grant, II
10:45 am       Session 2:  Discipleship in Hard Places, Pastor Bryant Lee
12 pm            Lunch
1:30 pm         Session 3:  Leadership Development in Hard Places, Doug Logan, JR
2:15 pm         Session 4:  Q&A

Session 1: Preach Doc!: Preaching in Hard Places
Pastor Ernest Grant, II
Preaching in the urban/inner-city context is such a crucial tool necessary for effective ministry. The book of Acts shows off the Lord using the Word preached with clarity and compassion to convict, convince, and convert listeners from all over the known world. Pastor Ernest Grant, II is a very gifted expositor of God’s word. As an experienced and gifted preacher, he serves in urban ministry in Camden, NJ as Lead Pastor of Epiphany Camden.

Session 2: Making Missional Disciples: Discipleship in Hard Places
Pastor Bryant Lee
Sometimes making disciples is snuffed out of church-planting and replaced with just getting some people in the seats. Pastor Bryant Lee will remind us of our mandate and mission to make disciples in our cities. Pastor Bryant will give us very practical application points along with some general principles and ideas to help you and your congregation be a more effective disciple-making church. In this session, we will unravel what it means to be a missional-disciple and unpack the Bible and the basics of making disciples in your context.

Session 3: Building from the Broken: Leadership Development in Hard Places
Pastor Doug Logan, Jr.
In this session, we will explore the biblical picture of developing leaders in the urban context. Though the Bible is replete with leadership development, Pastor Doug Logan will help us understand the unique contours of the urban landscape. Pastor Doug will emphasize the need to build from the people that are coming to Christ in your church plant. He firmly believes that church planters in the inner-city can build from the brokenness of their cities. Pastor Doug will teach us how we can take people from indigenous unbelievers to indigenous believers to indigenous leaders in Christ’s church.